• Hi, I'm Brian Cumming

    Freelance Bigway FS Load Organiser (and AFFI)


    Hi, I'm Brian. If you need a freelance AFFI or an FS Bigway Load Organiser to organise at your dropzone in 2020, I can help you out. I love big moves and funky shapes in the sky.

    Brit 200

    A five year plan

    Castellon Weekender

    14ways. 4 days. 6 jumps per day.

    Foxy Plane went to Castellon, Spain. So we did too.

    Rookie Rumble

    A competition for new skydivers

    20 competitors. 10 coaches. 2 great days. Amazing prizes.

    PUPS 2019

    115 ppl to Klatovy, Aug 2019

    Parachutists UNDER Phorty Society. The first ever world records.

    Norwegian National Record

    Bench team captain

    Wow, Tonsberg is a beautiful DZ

    BigWay Camp 22ways

    The BEST way to learn bigway.

    46ppl. Skyvans. No stress. no blame. Klatovy, Czech
    2018, 2019, 2020...

    BigWayFun 2017

    45ways, Klatovy, Czech Republic

    A week long skyvan-tastic formation fest with 0xygen from 18,000 ft.

    Bigway Beginners

    Bigway Beginners by Skydive Choreography has been running since 2008. The 10th edition was at Langar, April 2016. BWB XI will be in 2018.

    Chasing Tails

    28way Competition

    Hib's annual competition featured Chasing Tails from inception until 2013. I captained the team in 2011 (1st place) and 2013 (2nd place).

    Skydive Sibson 40ways

    40th Anniversary Boogie

    Three planes made for a fantastic three day event.

  • 2019

    This was my schedule for 2019

    Langar Boogies 1 & 2

    My home DZ. April and September

    Big moves and funky shapes at both Boogies. Hell yeah.

    Klatovy BigwayCamp, Czech

    May. 46 people

    22ways. The BEST way to learn bigwayFS. Two groups.

    Peterlee Parachute Centre

    Two long weekends. June and August

    Big moves and funky shapes at Skydive Academy. 15k is wonderful.

    Skydive Tonsberg, Norway

    Norwegian National Sequential Record

    Bench team captain. June

    Skydive Headcorn

    4wayFS Scrambles - July

    A little different to the normal. Scrambles competitions are a great way to get know people on your DZ!

    PUPS 2019, Klatovy, Czech

    Parachutists UNDER Phorty Society. 115ppl

    The first ever world records.

    Skydive Tonsberg, Norway

    16 way competition

    Team Captain.

    Skydive Headcorn

    Bigway FS LO - August

    Big moves and funky shapes at Skydive Headcorn.

    Rookie Rumble

    A brand new kind of competition. Skydive Langar

    20 competitors. 10 coaches. Amazing prizes.

    Your DZ here in 2020

    Availability: flexible

    I'm available and open to opportunities. Please contact me for more information. Details below.


    I always strive to provide the best entertainment or education for the skydivers on my jumps.


    Whatever event your DZ requires I can provide a solution that caters for all bigway skydivers:

    • Beginners
    • Intermediates
    • Experienced
    • or mixed ability and experience level


    Events are:

    • Educational
    • Fun
    • Challenging

    Dives can be planned to be a combination of simple for those that need that and challenging for those that prefer that. Or just fun boogie jumps that are enjoyable to fly and look great on the video at the end of the day.

    How big is big?

    I have experience of running events using:

    • one plane
    • two planes
    • three planes
    • high altitude requiring oxygen

    Whatever capacity you have, I can make it work.


    Availability is flexible and events can be:

    • Weekends
    • Midweek
    • or both 

    Note that availability at weekends is limited.


    I can help with a registration form so that we can track the number of your skydivers who are interested.


    £250 weekend daily rate + packjobs.

    £180 weekday daily rate + packjobs.

    Plus travel and expenses.

    Discounts available for three days or more.





  • 2018 review

    Black Knights

    Bigway FS LO - April

    Langar Boogie 1

    Bigway FS LO - April

    Klatovy BigWayCamp

    Bigway FS LO in the Czech Republic - May

    Peterlee Parachute Centre

    Bigway FS LO - June

    Skydive Headcorn FS

    4wayFS Scrambles - July

    Skydive Headcorn FS

    Bigway FS LO - August

    Langar Boogie 2

    Bigway FS LO - September

  • 2017 review

    Langar Boogie 1

    Bigway FS LO - April

    Peterlee Parachute Centre

    Bigway FS LO - June

    Skydive Headcorn FS

    4wayFS Scrambles - July

    Klatovy BigWayFun

    Bigway FS LO in the Czech Republic - August

    Skydive Headcorn FS

    Bigway FS LO - August

    Langar Boogie 2

    Bigway FS LO - September


    BigWay Fun 2017 - Czech Republic 45ways

    I was one of the LO team at BigWay Fun 2017 at Skydive Pink Klatovy in Czech Republic. 45 skydivers travelled from Northern Europe to join us. Yes I'm biased but this is my most favourite event video ever.

    202way Sequential World Record

    Sept 2015

    2pt 202way formation. This photo shows the intermediary photo between the two points. Taken over Skydive Perris. Photo by Willy Boeykens

    202way Sequential World Record - My PoV

    I was late diver on a trail plane on a nine plane formation. This is my footage.

    Chasing Tails 28way team - Hib


    Chasing Tails competed in the Hib 28way competition from inception to 2013. I was fortunate enough to captain the team in 2011 (1st place) and 2013 (2nd place). Photo by Matt Black.

    BigWay Beginners - Nethers, Langar & Hib


    BWB has been running since Caroline Hughes and Skydive Choreography came up with the concept. We teach the basics in a no blame environment whilst providing testing slots for intermediate and experienced skydivers at the same time. We can also cater for both beginner cameraflyers and load organisers and look to provide a multi-plane jump experience on the Sunday. BWB has run at Nethers, Langar and Hibaldstow in the past. This photo taken over Hib. Photo by Jon Trevor.

    Bigway Beginners X


    • If you’re a beginner and you want to learn about FS bigways in a no blame atmosphere then this event is for you.
    • If you’re at an intermediate level and you want to brush up on the skills you have, this is the event for you. If you want to dust off the winter rust this event is for you.
    • If you’re an experienced skydiver and want to put something back into the sport and help out the newer jumpers learn how you did, this event IS FOR YOU.
    REVIEW: Event capacity: 45-50. Registrations: 68. This event was over-subscribed and a waiting list was run. Approx 20 skydivers attempted their first multi-plane formation. Some of the testimonials are at the bottom of this page.

    Tux Jumps - Perris



    Jump for the Cause was happening in Perris. A women's 181way large formation world record event. Why wouldn't I organise a formation for us gents in our tuxedos? Photo by Karen Lewis-Dalton

    Sibson 40th Anniversary 40ways


    How better to celebrate Sibson's 40th Anniversary as a DZ than with some 40ways from three caravans. This was a three day event Fri-Sun. Photo by Andy Lapsley.

    Skydive Spain Xmas Boogie

    Xmas 2008 and 2009

    FS Load Organiser at two Skydive Spain Christmas Boogies.

    Also an AFF Instructor


    Freelance. Photo taken over Skydive Langar by Ally Milne.

    Also likes wingsuits

    Oct 2015

    Large formation wingsuit world record holder - 61way set over Skydive Perris. Photo by Norman Kent.

    Wingsuit World Record - Large Formation

    I got to leave the RH trail plane last and dive down to the 61way formation. So much fun. This is my PoV.

  • Testimonials

    Some words from skydivers who have jumped with me recently.

    BigWay Camp 2019

    Rated 4.7/5

    Read the testimonials here: http://bwc2019feedback.mystrikingly.com/

    BigWay Camp 2018

    Testimonials from EVERYONE who went.

    Jack Felsted

    "One of the most enjoyable weekends jumping I've been involved in Brian. Awesome event immaculately run. I've even picked up a suntan. Many thanks to all involved."

    Andy Collins

    "I had an amazing time being involved, and first multi plane , thanks Brian"

    Ali Woodhouse

    "Awesome weekend organising at Bigway Beginners X. Thank you Brian, Billy and Martina for all your guidance and thank you to all my groups for the sexy skydives. It was so awesome to see such progression."

    Mark Lord

    "Just a quick email to say a massive thanks for your time over the last couple of days at Skydive Langar. I loved every minute and learnt loads your communication was clear and and to the point and very well delivered. I'm sure the thing I've learnt and experienced over the last couple of days will stay with me and make me a better / more confident skydive."


    "Well done for this weekend mate, probably the best jumping and fun vibe I've felt here since Boogie 2 2013. What an amazing weekend. Your next few beers are on me mate. :-)"

    Maciej Sobczak

    "Hi, thanks again for great weekend!"

    Rob Smith

    "Thanks Brian for a great weekend buddy."


    "Huge thanks to the organizers, it was a fantastic weekend!!"

  • Cameraflyers

    I work with some wonderful sky flying photographers.

    Paul Rimmington

    A northern legend

    The ultimate team player. A total asset. Can't do enough to help. Both before the event, during and after. Always gets the shot I need to coach with, no messing around. Paul has been filming my groups since 2016. Rubbish at replying to requests for profile pictures though.



    Photo by *me*. Hahahahaha

    Martin Skrbel

    The most enthusiastic

    A relatively new skydiver but loves to fly and loves to film. Devotes time and money to being a better flyer and a better photographer. The most helpful person you could meet, he even wins prizes for being helpful, and then isn't there to collect the prize because he's left the DZ to help someone.



    Photo by me.

    Emily Aucutt

    Pure fun

    Emily is just a bundle of pure fun and great to work with. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her willingness to listen and learn is top notch. She was British Skydiving Instructor of the Year 2019 and she applies herself to her camera flying just as thoroughly.



    Photo by Martin Skrbel

    Pete Harries

    Service with a smile

    Pete has the biggest smile and some wonderfully thoughtful and intriguing ideas about how to incorporate video into the skydive. His smile and attitude is infectious.



    Photo by Chris Cook

    Dave Clarke

    A pro

    Dave gets flown all around the world to film events by some of the top FS LOs in the world. His flying, camera and editing skills are top notch. Another level up. 

    If you can put up with his terrible jokes you should HIRE HIM

    Photo by Rob Lloyd.

    Tom Shorten


    Tom appears to be a natural flyer but he works hard on his skills. Angle, belly, freefly, he can film it ALL. You want him to carve head down around a formation with it all in frame? Princess is who you go to. A regular cameraflyer for Zion FF at their events. Also a BPA CSI, TI, AFFI and USPA TI and AFFI.



    Photo by Bartek Olejowski.